Introduction The phpArcIMS project intends to write a set of PHP classes that allow any php developer to develope ArcIMS applications or integrate ArcIMS into any existing application.

For those of you that never heard of ArcIMS: ArcIMS is an application server from ESRI that allows users to share GIS projects and/or data with other applications through XML. It also renderers spatial data into maps/images which can then be accessed through a http interface, such as your web browser.

By default ESRI supplies Visual Basic, Java and ColdFusion classes/objectes that can be used to access the ArcIMS server and create a webbased GIS application. In addition ESRI also provides a JSP servlet that can be used as a link between the server and client. >>Yet, since I'm developing web applications in PHP there was the need to develop a PHP connector.

History During the summer of '01, I had to develop a prototype for a web mapping application that heavily interacts with an Oracle database. Since I was not able to use any of the existing clients, I started to developed some PHP classes that allowed me to send ArcXML requests to the ArcIMS server and parse the response for further processing or display of the renderered maps.

The code has matured since then, and additional functionality has been added. I wrote some basic documentation that should allow most PHP developers to easily integrate the classes into their own code or project. In addition a basic viewer developed by Joel Lawhead and Andrew Eddie is provided for getting users familiar with the functionality of the connector. There is also a more advanced/complex viewer available for download, which uses javascripts.

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